Length & styles of andar leggings 

Discover Perfect Leggings,
Designed for Every Move

Dive into the world of leggings with Korea’s No.1 Athleisure Brand, andar. From classic to jogger fits and meticulously designed flares at our AI lab, each shape combines comfort and fit for elevated performance.


1. Classic Fitted Leggings with Diverse Lengths

#Form-fitting #Versatile and practical

Elevate your activewear with andar's versatile leggings, ranging from capri to ankle length. Achieve the perfect balance of coverage, a smooth leg line, and breathability for unrestricted movement in any activity.

Whether cycling through the streets or hitting the weights, our biker-length leggings offer a sporty vibe and sleek look.For heavy workouts, opt for our short length classics, providing an ideal blend of freedom and support with a unique hem design for thigh line smoothing.

2. Jogger fit leggings

#Only-in-andar #True comfort

Experience the ultimate comfort in jogger-fit leggings, designed for effortless movement . Featuring a relaxed fit around the hips and thighs, these leggings provide a laid-back feel.

Ideal for casual outings, light workouts, lounging or even good for yoga, jogger fit leggings offer a perfect blend of ease and style for your true comfort.

3. Flare leggings

#Longer looking legs #Genuin Asia fit

Elevate your silhouette with flare leggings, where style meets functionality. Beyond making a bold statement, these leggings create the illusion of longer legs and enhance the proportions of your physique.

Effortlessly transitioning from workout to casual wear, they're perfect for yoga sessions or achieving a chic athleisure look. Step into a world where fashion, fitness, and flattering proportions converge in every graceful move.

4. Straight Leg Pants

#Comfortable yet tummy control #Feels and looks cool

Step into timeless elegance with straight leg pants that redefine comfort and style. Featuring a wide, straight fit, these pants offer a relaxed yet refined look.

 Ideal for activities like yoga or casual outings, they effortlessly transition from leisure to exercise. Embrace the freedom of movement and a chic athleisure aesthetic with wide straight leg pants that complement every stride and create a look that's as comfortable as it is sophisticated.


"Sold over 7million"

With andar Leggings,
Find the Real
comfort and Fit

In the dynamic world of athleisure, andar emerges as Korea's unparalleled brand, introducing LYCRA sport certified leggings that redefine the standard of perfect fit and comfort.

From classic shapes to chic flares, our premium leggings go beyond elasticity, ensuring a camel-toe free experience, a tummy-control high rise, and support with breathability. 

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