MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress
Deluxe Review

*this is a real review by a product tester

I’m just an average person on a quest for a good night’s sleep
and I’m here to share my genuine thoughts on MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress Deluxe delivery process and the product itself.

You know how we spend about a third of our day snoozing, right?
Well, it got me thinking – why not invest in the best mattress out there?
After reading rave reviews for MONGZE mattress and doing my fair share of mattress window shopping, I’ve decided that this is the mattress I want to get for myself,
especially for my lower-back.

From Boxes to a Dreamland

Before we dive into the comfort and quality of the mattress itself,
let me share a little something about the seamless delivery process.
There are three delivery options available, and I selected for the ‘Installment and disposal option’ under Shipping Method at checkout.

Dealing with big furniture removal can be such a headache.
 But thanks to MONGZE, I took care of it without lifting a finger, and the best part?

It didn’t cost me a dime!


Before the big delivery day, I was pleasantly surprised by a handy WhatsApp message that gave me the approximate arrival time.
Speaking of WhatsApp, scheduling delivery date and time was also done via WhatsApp!
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the convenience of modern technology?
Oh, and let’s not forget the morning reminder on the day itself, keeping everything on track.
These guys really know how to keep their customers in the loop!

Now, let’s talk about the delivery itself. Picture this: the delivery pros showing up with my new mattress, maneuvering it upstairs with impressive finesse.
 And get this – without missing a beat, they also whisked away my old mattress, making the whole process a breeze!


One Week Later...

Once the mattress broke in, it took about 3 days, the first thing that hit me was how right the mattress felt.
I really started to like it. It has firm support to my lower back but not the usual hardness you associate with a “firm mattress.”

No more waking up with a sore back in the morning, which was a huge relief.

I’d say Deluxe is perfect for people who prefer firmer mattresses or those with back issues.
I would definitely recommend it when I hear someone got back pain from a softer mattress.


Switching from a softer spring mattress to a firm AIRNET™ mattress does take some getting used to, but the excellent back support makes up for it!
Speaking of AIRNET™ technology, it’s single-layer interwoven design offers remarkable airflow.
Given the hot and humid weather in Singapore, this mattress will help you sleep cool and comfortable if you tend to wake up all sweaty.
Its superior airflow makes the bed naturally resistant to dust mite, bacteria, and mould.

With Singapore’s hot weather, this is a godsend. and I can’t forget to mention how much I love the contemporary design and texture of the cover – it’s a cherry on top of a satisfying purchase

I’ve been snoozing on it for a whole week now, and let me tell you, it’s been a dream.
Seriously, I haven’t slept this well in ages.

It’s only been a week, but I’m already convinced this is THE mattress for me, no doubt.


If you’re in market for a new mattress,
I highly encourage you to check out MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress Deluxe.
it's a gateway to improved sleep and, by extension, a better quality of life. Whether you're suffering from back pain or simply in search of a restful night, this mattress could be your solution.

Trust me, you won’t regret it.