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for Rounded Shoulders

Klug Stretching Massager helps
open up your rounded shoulders
and relieve pain

Rounded shoulder posture is a prevalent postural imbalance often attributed to prolonged periods of sitting in front of computers or frequent smartphone usage. Individuals with rounded shoulders exhibit a curved upper back with their heads positioned forward.

In recent times, we’ve observed an increasing number of cases of rounded shoulders in both workplace and school environments.


Are you currently reading this
while slouching?

Rounded shoulders often result from poor posture or certain habits,
causing tension on the muscles around the neck, shoulders, and chest.

If you frequently sit with a hunched back, cross your arms, or tend to sleep on your side,
it’s important to consider doing a self-assessment for rounded shoulders.

<Simple self-assessment
for rounded shoulders>

① Stand in a regular posture
② Let your arms hang by your side

If your thumbs are pointed forward
with the palms facing to the body

➡️ normal shoulders

If your thumbs are pointed in toward your body
and your palms are facing backwards

➡️ 🚨it’s likely you have rounded shoulders🚨

Rounded shoulders and tech neck…
It possibly affects your overall health


If you already have rounded shoulders, it often leads to a forward-leaning neck,
potentially resulting in a “tech neck,”
Tech neck has become a common problem when people jut their neck forward to use smartphones or computers,
with their head in front of their shoulders.
This can strain the neck muscles, especially those in the upper back,
which have to work extra hard to support the weight of an adult’s head, which is around 4.5kg on average.

"For every inch of Forward Head Posture,
it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds."
- Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol. 3

As we can tell from the statement above,
every small posture we unconsciously adopt for momentary comfort can have a significant impact on our bodies.

If your muscles are out of balance, it puts extra pressure on the muscles in the back of your neck,
and this discomfort can spread to your shoulders, making you feel more tired and uncomfortable in your everyday life.

While it may seem like
our neck, shoulders, back,
and waist are separate,
they’re actually connected like gears, impacting each other!


When we don’t maintain a healthy spinal curve,
it can cause pressure and changes in the upper back, chest, and neck muscles as illustrated above.

Especially, when your shoulders round forward,
it not only strains the trapezius muscles (the ones from your mid-back to your shoulders)
but also creates too much tension in your chest muscles (those from your chest to your armpits).
This can result in an unbalanced back and weakened waist muscles.

Remember these two key factors
for a healthy lifestyle:
Proper posture and regular stretching!

When using a computer or watching TV, keep your ears, shoulders, and hips in a straight line.
If you sit for a long time, take a short break from your small screen to stretch by leaning your body and neck backward.

If sitting straight all day feels strange and tiring, take a baby step by fixing your posture at least when using your smartphones.


<Posture Awareness with Smartphone> 

① While using smartphones, keep your elbow close to your body.
Bend your elbows and bring your forearm up towards you to bring your phone close to eye level.
This is important to prevent your neck from bending.

② Open up your chest and keep your back straight so that your back is straight against the back of the chair.

You might say…

“I know it’s important, but it’s such a hassle and tiring that I keep procrastinating it…”
“I’m not sure if I’m stretching my shoulders correctly…”

Stretching can be quite challenge when done consistently and correctly.
If you push too hard with improper stretching techniques,
you might end up straining already tight muscles and it can be actually harmful.

<Klug Stretching Massager
Helps Alleviate Rounded Shoulders> 

All you need to do is lie down in your most comfortable position and
relax while Stretching Massager takes care of stretching your neck and shoulder muscles.
It automatically stretches both the trapezius and pectoral muscles!


① Klug Stretching Massager helps alleviate rounded shoulders by stretching and opening up the chest, while also gently pulling the shoulders back.


② Klug Stretching Massager automatically moves your head in all directions, stretching and relieving tension in the muscles around the neck and trapezius.

If you’re not very flexible or have severe rounded shoulders,
begin with level 1 for 10 minutes, and slowly increase your range of motion.

If you’re accustomed to always having a hunched posture,
you can straighten your shoulders and lead a confident and joyful daily life with Klug Stretching Massager now!