Best Holiday Gifts
For New Homeowners 2023 

Published by Hometrust

The holiday season has arrived and friends are moving into their new cosy nests.

Now and then, you hear comments on the spaciousness of their parents’ homes, and how modern new homes are getting smaller.

It’s no secret that living spaces are getting increasingly compact.
Homes now serve multiple purposes: they are our offices, our nurseries, and our retreats.
To adapt to living in smaller spaces, bringing the right items home is paramount.

In this guide, we share the best holiday gifts for new homeowners that are multi-purpose and versatile, perfect for the modern home.
If you are visiting a friend’s new home this holiday, these gifts will make you a hero.

P.S Feel free to brag how you spend hours researching for these perfect home gifts,
we promise we won’t tell.


MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress

MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress


Save your lower back with MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress

Is it a bed, a mattress, or a topper? MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress is all these and more.

Need to firm up your bed’s mattress with some needed ventilation in Singapore’s tropical weather? MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress got you covered. Their innovative AIRNET™️ material is ventilated, non-absorbent and best of all, fully washable.

Have a guest over for the night? It transforms from a compact storage item to a comfortable sleeping area in seconds. Talk about a party trick.

Does the new baby in the house need a safe area to roll about? Bring out this modular mattress and the babies are ready to rock and roll. Heck, stack them up or even line them along the walls for additional baby-safety coverage.


Transform any area into a comfortable and hygenic surface

These mattresses are not going to replace your bed mattress anytime soon, but their hassle-free setup transforms any area into a comfortable and hygienic surface. The foldable design means it can be stored away when not in use, saving precious space in small homes.

What’s best? They come in all standard sizes from Single to King, so regardless of your needs and preferences, the MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress got you covered.


Klug Stretching Massager


Your personal chiropractor 24/7

For additional lifestyle enhancement, how does a 24/7 personal chiropractor sound?

At 10 minutes a day, the Klug Stretching Massager will stretch every inch of your spine at the touch of a button.
Upon completing the stretch session, it folds up into a compact package that can be tucked almost everywhere. Now who needs those bulky massaging chairs?

Warning: you might find your parents secretly hogging it for their post-Majong therapy.