Daily&Co, Marina Square’s Newest
Korean Lifestyle Concept Store

Published by Hallyu SG

A new Korean lifestyle concept store Daily&Co is now in Singapore. It will open on 14 Jul (Fri) at Marina Square, a shopping mall nestled in Singapore’s central district. The new Daily&Co store will feature a myriad of popular brands that South Koreans use daily – from activewear to massagers.

Here are four brands to look out for at the store:

1. andar

andar provides premium quality activewear. As the brand is renowned for prioritising maximum comfort and the perfect fit, you can meet the meticulously designed garments that give flawless fit which defines your body in the best way.

andar is South Korea’s number-one premium activewear brand, highly recognised in Korea by yoga instructors, contemporary dancers, runners and actors. Some fitness franchises have also given this brand the stamp of approval.

 It’s probably because the leggings contain high-end fibre LYCRA®. And the signature fabric is LYCRA® sport certified – which makes it suitable for the humid climate in Singapore.

The brand’s best-seller camel-toe free airywin signature leggings are also seen on Korean celebrities like MAMAMOO and ITZY.


Korea’s No. 1 back comfort mattress is now available in Singapore.

MONGZE proudly presents a lower-back saving mattress, meticulously designed in Korea that incorporates the next-generation mattress material, AIRNET™. MONGZE overcomes the shortcomings of previous mattress options in the market by offering unparalleled firmness, breathability and support.

 MONGZE mattress sets new standards for optimal sleep experience, thanks to its lower-back saving ability.

3. Klug

If you’re a hustler, this one’s for you. Ease your body with Klug’s stretching massager.

With Klug, all you have to do is lie down for 10 minutes on the massager.
Klug will stretch every inch of your spine with its diverse range of seven exceptional programs.

Fronted by actress Park Min-young, Klug massager is perfect for those who suffer from stiff necks and shoulders. This is because it stretches each and every vertebra from the cervical to the lumbar spine to return to your balanced body.


TITAD is the leading brand of clean lifestyle in Korea. If you are seeking gentle ingredients for everyday use, TITAD is a perfect choice.

Their notable offering includes the TITAD Hand Cream Foresta – its signature scent is a carefully selected blend by the world’s No.1 Swiss perfumer.

 Additionally, the TITAD Fresh Breath Toothpaste eliminates up to 97% of bad breath while the Lemon Balm Root Volumizing Shampoo revitalises limp hair from roots for long-lasting, bouncy volume.

TITAD also ranked first at Olive Young for oral health products. And there’s probably a good reason why – its products are safe for use by anyone, including children and pregnant women.