Everything You Need to Know
About Mattress Delivery

Ordering a new mattress brings the promise of better sleep and comfort.
While you’re researching new mattresses before making a purchase,
one thing you want to check out is delivery.

How does MONGZE get Deep Sleep Mattress Deluxe to your home?

We listed some trusted tips based on our installation team’s mattress delivery experience to make sure your new MONGZE Deep Sleep Mattress Deluxe installation goes as smoothly as possible.


Step-by-step Guidelines on How Do Deluxe Get Delivered

Step 1 : Order Placement

The first step in the mattress delivery process is placing your order.
Whether you’re ordering from MONGZE showroom or purchasing online,
this step sets the entire process into motion. You’ll be able to select from the following options:

✔ Mattress installation : would you like in-home setup? We will arrive with your new Deluxe mattress and set it up in your desired room.

Mattress installation & mattress disposal : would you like us to haul away your old mattress? We hand-deliver your new Deluxe mattress to the room of your choice, assemble it, and take away your old mattress.

Mattress installation & mattress + bed frame disposal : If you’ve upgraded to a new bed frame, Once you select your preferred delivery option, our installation team will be in touch to schedule delivery.

Step 2 : Schedule Delivery

Keep your phone handy as our installation team will contact you via WhatsApp text to schedule date and time for the delivery.

Step 3 : Delivery Day

Be attentive to your phone during the delivery day in case our installation team reaches out for the location or additional arrangements.
Here are some pointers to ensure your new Deluxe mattress delivery is quick and hassle-free.

Clear the Path for Delivery : We know how important your belongings are and we want to keep them safe. To help us deliver your new Deluxe mattress quickly, move anything out of the way that could get bumped or damaged between the door where our installation team will bring your new Deluxe mattress inside. This includes removing decorations on walls, furniture, or lamps.

Ready Your Old Mattress If Requesting Disposal : Remove the sheets, blankets, and pillows from the old mattress so our installation team can easily remove them from your home.

Step 4 : Enjoy Your New Mattress

Here's where it gets exciting.
Its innovative interwoven AIRNET™ technology not only provides unmatched spinal alignment by cradling your pressure-points, but also guarantees the perfect airflow for a fresh, hypoallergenic sleep.
and get this - Deluxe comes with an easy zip-off cover to keep your mattress feeling fresh, effortlessly.

Now it’s time to get deep sleep


MONGZE offers white glove delivery with Deep Sleep Mattress Deluxe purchase.
This includes in-home delivery, setup, and disposal of your old mattress.
Take a look at MONGZE Deluxe to see if it’s your perfect match.

*For any concerns or issues after installation, please contact customer service at